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The Book that Teaches Girls You Don't Have to Be Royal To Have Girl Power

Empowering Girls to Live Their Best Lives.
Boys love it, too.

Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power shows young girls that you don’t have to be royal in order to have girl power.

Every girl can channel the brave, smart, kind, mindful, and confident princess within herself to be the hero of her own fairytale—and help make the world a better place. Readers will learn that with imagination and determination, anything is possible.

Read along and then enjoy the bonus activities:

-Sing “The Girl Power Anthem”

-Find Sight Words-Learn Ways to Be Your Own Hero

-Recognize Rhyming Words

-Turn to Discussion Topics

-Color a Bonus Page

-View Art by Genevieve Speranza


Princess Genevieve is by a mother, for her daughter.The characters in this book are based on the Speranzas: a New Jersey family that loves dogs, pizza, and dance parties. Joelle Speranza wrote this book to capture her daughter Genevieve’s passions and dreams at five-years-old.

Story by Joelle Speranza.Illustrations by Nancy Lane, Firefly Graphic Design.

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