What Does Girl Power Mean to You?

Hero Girl: Missy Parlane

“Girl power is the ability to know your own mind, to make your own decisions, and to accept the consequences of your actions.” -Missy Parlane, Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids Her eight-year-old daughter, “Dragonfly”, says that “Girl power means getting as many cats as I want.”  Her seven-year-old son, “Skimmer,” says, “Girl power- more than meets …

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Hero Girl: Julia Symborski

“Girl power is repudiating the abusive, patriarchal, silent femininity I‘ve been taught since childhood in order to transfer freedom from my manipulative ex into organizing collective power in my workplace. I recently helped negotiate a contract for 10,000 nurses, and I want you to know that liberation from abusive power knows no boundaries, at home, at …

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